Crime and Safety in our area

n response to an inquiry from the CCCA about increased crime in the 22202 zip code area, Captain Linder, head of the Arlington County Police Department Outreach Unit, provided the attached email. In addition, he provided orally a comparison of some statistics from 2019 to 2012 (June to August) for the 3 CA areas in 22202 and promised to send more later. Here are some significant stats:

Larceny (theft in vehicle etc)2623
larceny in general3811
stolen car1033(a number of Uber cars)
other larceny (shopifting)3170
simple assaults1933(pushing/punching etc)
aggravated assaults333(with weapon)
sexual assault92

The Aurora Highlands Civic Association is inviting Captain Linder to their regular September 9 meeting 7-9 pm which will be live streamed on their Facebook page.