Police Need Your Help to Prevent Larcenies from Auto

The Arlington County Police Department is announcing numerous charges have been sought against suspects responsible for multiple auto theft and larceny cases throughout the County. This week, 11 warrants were obtained for Michael A. Brunner III, 18, of Washington, D.C. His charges include felony Stolen Auto, Grand Larceny and Credit Card Larceny, as well as misdemeanor Vehicle Trespassing and Petit Larceny. The Department also recently sought petitions for two juvenile suspects for Grand Larceny Auto.

The identification and apprehension of these suspects is just one step in reducing crimes of opportunity in Arlington County. Thieves are looking for easy, low effort opportunities to steal from hardworking members of the public. Reported incidents indicate that thieves often target multiple unlocked vehicles parked on streets, in driveways and in garages to rummage through personal property and steal items of value as well as vehicles with keys left inside. To help residents keep their vehicles and property safe, the Arlington County Police Department is sharing ways we can work together to reduce and prevent property crimes in our community.

Visit the website to learn more.

Report Scooter and Micro-Mobility Device Violations

On Nov. 16, 2019, the County Board adopted regulations for Micro-Mobility Devices that allow their use on sidewalks (with limitations), trails, and bike lanes, unless specifically signed or marked otherwise. 

Starting in late February 2020, new signage prohibiting sidewalk-riding will be installed next to protected bicycle lanes. When a protected bike lane is available in the same direction of travel, shared e-scooter and e-bike riders must use it instead of the sidewalk. (Find out more about these policies here)

If you wish to report an issue about a Shared Micro-Mobility Device in Arlington, contact information for each operator is listed below. Operators can usually resolve an issue quickly, but if an issue is not resolved in a timely or satisfactory manner, email [email protected].


  1. Bird (e-scooters): 866-205-2442 or [email protected]
  2. JUMP (e-scooters): 844-505-9155 / (e-bikes): 833-300-6106; online request form
  3. Lime (e-scooters): 888-546-3345 or online request form
  4. Lyft (e-scooters): 628-230-0317 or [email protected]
  5. Razor (e-scooters): 833-5278-6453, [email protected]
  6. Skip (e-scooters): 844-929-2687 and [email protected]
  7. Spin (e-scooters): 888-262-5189 or [email protected]

February Newsletter is Out!

This is a friendly reminder – if you haven’t paid your $10 Annual Dues for 2020, this is the last Newsletter you will receive.  Please renew on our website by PayPal or send a check to our Treasurer.  We don’t want to lose you!

1.  Livability Framework Workshops:  We will now be conducting a series of charette workshops groups of about 40 to develop a community vision on key elements in the Livability Framework Action Plan.  The January 14th 3-CA meeting was the “launch” of this process.  We will be discussing specific policies we might bring to the County Board and other entities and provide input to the County’s budget process (the CIP).
January 25: Housing Affordability #1:  We had a very successful first housing workshop.  We are working with our neighboring civic groups to develop community-led solutions for housing affordability as #AmazonHQ2 arrives.
Our hope is to unite renters and owners, single-family and multi-family, and neighbors of all walks of life with a shared understanding and vision on this important issue that is key to the future of our community and broader economy. Thanks to attendees, co-organizers, and partner/presenter Michelle Winters for being with us.

Here are the dates for the remainder of the Housing Workshops:
February 22: Open Space (in planning stages):  Venue:  Crystal City Marriott Hotel
March 7: Housing Affordability workshop #2
March 28: Future of the Underground/Community Facilities
April 18: Route 1/East-West Connectivity

2.  A Successful Joint Civic Associations Meeting January 14:  What a great meeting we had.  About 220 people turned out January 14 to learn about the Livability Framework created by our three civic associations in 22202 and how we can implement it with developers, businesses like Amazon, and the County.  Read more in the Newsletter and get the links to the presentations.

3.  Crystal City Renters Happy Hour Meetup:  Co-hosted by the Crystal City Civic Association and Crystal City Business Improvement District, this happy hour is your opportunity to get engaged, get involved, and get a little refreshment in the process. Featuring special remarks from Katie Cristol, Arlington County Board member and former Crystal City resident. Free drinks and light refreshments will be served.
Thursday, February 6th
5:30pm to 7:30pm
JBG National Landing Marketing Center (241 18th St S, Arlington, VA)

Your President,
Carol Fuller

A Successful Joint Civic Association Meeting

About 220 people turned out January 14 to learn about the Livability Framework created by our three civic associations in 22202 and how we can implement it with developers, businesses like Amazon, and the County. 

See the presentations on Past Meetings, now featured in the “Resources” tab. 

We are also starting to post more information on the workshops we are organizing for small groups of about 40 to develop a community vision on various topics: housing affordability, open space, the Underground in Crystal City, and Route 1/Transportation.

Rite Aid Closing in the Underground

Message from JBG Smith:

“We were recently informed by Rite Aid that it intends to permanently close its 1671 Crystal Square location prior to the expiration of its current lease. At JBG SMITH, we understand that a community-servicing pharmacy is an essential ingredient of any great neighborhood, and we are excited to share the news that we have reached an agreement with another pharmacy to open a location on the same block. We expect the new pharmacy will be ready to open in the late summer or early fall.

“Given that Rite Aid could be departing as early as February, we recognize that there may be a temporary gap in the availability of pharmacy services on the block. You can be assured that we are exploring a number of potential options that would eliminate or at least significantly reduce the length of that gap. In the meantime, here is a short list of other pharmacies in the immediate vicinity:

CVS – 2400 Richmond Hwy
CVS – 1201 S. Hays Street, next to the Pentagon City Metro Station
Rite Aid/Walgreens – 1301 S Joyce Street “

Pedestrian Walkway to Terminal B to Close Nightly

Beginning on or about Tuesday, January 14, the pedestrian walkway between airport Terminal B and the Metro station will close nightly from Midnight to 9:00 a.m. on weekdays. Passengers walking between Terminal garages, the Metro station and Terminal B/C will follow detour signage to the walkway in Terminal C from Midnight to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Closing the walkway will provide a secure space for construction crews to lift steel beams over the walkway for the frame of a New Security Checkpoint building. The nightly Terminal B walkway closures will span approximately two weeks.

For ground transportation, the outer lanes of the Terminal B/C Arrivals (lower) level roadway used for private vehicle and ride app (Lyft/Uber/Via) pickup will continue to close Midnight to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. The nightly ground transportation changes, as previously announced, will continue for several months.

All passengers arriving at Gates 10-45 and being picked up by a private vehicle or Lyft/Uber/Via must be picked up on the Ticketing/Check-In level (Level 3). The taxi pickup location will remain unchanged, outside Baggage Claim (Level 1).

Project Journey Construction

Beginning on or about Monday, January 6, the outer lanes of the Terminal B/C Arrivals (lower) level roadway used for private vehicle and ride app pickup will close from Midnight to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday for construction.

All passengers arriving at Gates 10-45 and being picked up by a private vehicle or Lyft/Uber/Via must be picked up on the Ticketing/Check-In level (Level 3). The taxi pickup location will remain unchanged, outside Baggage Claim (Level 1).

Terminal B/C serves passengers of the following airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, United. On Saturday and Sunday, private vehicle and ride app pick-up will be available on the Baggage Claim level. Closing the roadway will provide space for construction crews to lift steel beams overhead for two New Security Checkpoint buildings. The roadway closure will be in effect Monday through Friday mornings for several months.

January Newsletter Is Out!

Welcome to the new world of the 20s!  Hey, didn’t we do that 100 years ago?  We have lots of plans for this year and we hope it will be a great one for all of us.

Remember that CCCA dues are paid annually on a calendar basis.  If you haven’t renewed yet for 2020, please do so by February 1 in order to remain a voting member and get this Newsletter and email updates.  You can renew on our website.

CCCA Meeting on Livability January 14:  Mark your calendars for our big joint meeting of the three 22202 civic associations (Arlington Ridge, Aurora Highlands, Crystal City) on January 14 from 7-9 pm. Note the change of venue:  we’ll meet at The Westin Hotel, 1800 Richmond Highway.  This next joint meeting is a big one you really don’t want to miss.  We’re launching the Livability Framework and Action Plan we’ve been telling you about for the last 6 months and exploring how we can use it to work with the County and various partners.  The agenda is:

1.  Matt Mattauszek on “Beyond Amazon” with a PowerPoint on all the development areas in 22202.  This sets the stage so folks know where things will be happening in the next year.  

2.  Presentation of the Livability Framework and the Action Plan.  Mike Dowell of Aurora Highlands will present and Eric Cassel of Crystal City will Introduce.  The talk will be tailored to our residents in the 3 associations with more details on the Action Plan and implementation.

3.  Panel on Open Space as an example of how we can implement the LF Action Plan:  JBG Smith VP for Development Andy VanHorn on the Crystal City parks; Amazon’s new Community Affairs representative Brooke Overwetter to talk about community benefits in redesigning the Metropolitan Park; and BID President Tracy Gabriel on how the Livability Framework fits with the BID’s Strategic Plan; how they did the mapping of Open Space; and what the BID’s role is with implementing the LF for Open Space.  Brian Harner, our facilitator for development of the Livability Framework and Action Plan, will moderate.  There will be a Q&A period for feedback and guidance to our development partners.  The Open Space planning committee decided to focus at this meeting primarily on the Crystal City parks, plus Amazon and the Metropolitan Park, to keep this manageable time wise.  The charette which is being planned for February 22 will cover our larger OpenSpace issues.

Message from County Board Vice Chair Libby Garvey Re: Airplane Noise

Arlington County Board Vice Chair Libby Garvey recently made a statement regarding the airplane noise in Arlington.

You can read her entire statement on the Arlington County website. Some key takeaways include:

  • The joint RFP issued by Arlington and Montgomery Counties to hire a consultant to help us get good information to advocate for effective noise reduction from flights out of Reagan National Airport (DCA) will be evaluated early in 2020.
  • One of the selected contractor’s first tasks will be to convene a public meeting to hear from both the Arlington and Montgomery communities about the aircraft noise problem, and their expectations for the study.
  • On December 17, Congressman Beyer introduced the Cleaner, Quieter Airplanes Act in the United States House of Representatives. A companion bill was previously introduced in the United States Senate by Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD).

How Should Arlington Be Spending Money?

Budget season has started for County government – and they want to hear your thoughts on how to best spend taxpayer dollars.

This year, Arlington County is working on the annual operating budget, which covers spending on County programs, services and administration, as well as the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which outlines investments in County facilities, equipment, and infrastructure.

Throughout the fall and winter, you can help the County Manager develop spending proposals to send to the County Board for their consideration. And in the spring and summer, you’ll have the chance to tell the County Board what you think of the Manager’s proposals before they cast their votes.

Learn more about Budget Season and how to stay involved