Officer Nominations

Nominations — including self-nominations — are now open for the following three CCCA officer positions!  The principal duties are summarized below.  All members whose dues are paid are eligible to nominate, be candidates and to vote in the election at the CCCA Annual General Meeting on the evening of November 16, 2022.  

— Meeting Secretary:  Meeting minutes-taker and keeper of non-financial records

— Communications Director:  Lead officer on the communications program, which includes maintenance of the association’s website, producing a periodic newsletter, and other interface on behalf of the CCCA

— Membership Liaison:  Lead officer in recruiting new members and facilitating the CCCA activities of current members, ensuring they receive needed information and support

Terms for each position are two years.  

To nominate yourself, or someone else, for one of these offices, please submit general contact information for the nominee (name, address, phone number, email address, and a brief written statement supporting the candidacy) to the Election Committee, specifying which office the nomination is for.  In addition, if you are nominating someone else, please provide your contact information. ([email protected])

Should there be more than one nomination for a position, eligible nominees who are willing to serve in those positions will have an opportunity to present an oral statement supporting their candidacy before the election at the Annual General Meeting.  

All nominations must be received by November 1, when nominations will be closed.   

More detail on the officer positions and operations of the CCCA is available from the Election Committee, whose members would be glad to provide additional information and answers to any questions of interested civic association members. ([email protected])

In addition, the CCCA’s Bylaws containing descriptions of the open positions are available at the Resources link on the Association’s website. (

This is an opportunity for Crystal City residents to advance the interests of the Crystal City community.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and response. 


Claire Lauchner, Sandra Stolt, Patricia Heath

Election Committee 

Digital eCheckup

Arlington County has launched a broadband study to better understand our community’s internet use and access. As  part of this work, we’re asking residents and businesses to participate in a digital eCheckup. It is critical that we hear from those who may not have adequate access or connectivity so we understand where our gaps are. But we also want to hear from those who have strong connectivity and are expert users, so we get a full picture of Arlington’s internet use.

We encourage all Arlington residents to take the Households eCheckup. While taking it at home is best–because of the connection speed check–taking it in a business center, library, or other shared computer is also acceptable.

Agenda for September Meeting

  1. CCCA updates and reminders. 10-15 Minutes

2. Transportation Options without Metro– 10-15 Minutes

Metro is having a ton of construction. What are the alternatives?

3. Marine Corps Marathon (Director) 10- Minutes

4. Update from the Bid on a parklet  10- Minutes

5. JBGS Construction and Permit Update 1 hour

6. General Questions – Rest of time

Open questions. Have something you want answered? We will try to cover any question- even if we have no idea of the correct answer!