Who We Are


The Crystal City Civic Association (CCCA) was formed on January 28, 2014, one of the last areas of Arlington County to create a civic association. We are a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization with the express purpose of advancing the common interests of the residents of the Crystal City neighborhood in Arlington County, Virginia.

Meetings are held bimonthly, with elections of officers held during the Annual General Meeting in the Fall of the year.

The current officers of the Crystal City Civic Association who serve two year terms are:

President: Eric Cassel (elected 11/17/2021)
Vice President: Tarsi Dunlop (elected 11/17/2021)
Treasurer: Steve Miller (elected 11/17/2021)
Meeting Secretary: Vacant
Communications Director: Idris Clay (elected 11/11/2020)
Membership Liaison: Emily Norton (elected 11/11/2020)

All residents (renters and homeowners) in Crystal City, age 18 or over, are automatically considered to be members by our ByLaws, whether living in a rental apartment, long-term lease, or home-owned condominium.  The CCCA is unique in Arlington County because it is the only civic association with no single-family homes.

Though all Crystal City residents are considered members, only those who have paid their annual membership may vote or receive direct email communications, including the monthly Newsletter. Annual dues for individual members are $10 per calendar year, payable as of January 1.

Currently, the CCCA’s boundaries coincide with those established for Crystal City in Arlington County’s Crystal City Sector Plan of 2010, except that the residences in the area between 10th and 6th Streets are included and that, for the time being, the area in the Sector Plan west of Eads Street is excluded.  However, anyone residing in that temporarily excluded area may join if they are not already members of another civic association. Further, residents of Potomac Yards/Arlington, an area that is outside the CCCA boundaries established in Section 1.3 of the ByLaws of 11.11.20 but currently not covered by any civic association, may be considered as non-voting Associate Members, provided that they are not active members of another civic association.

Read the full CCCA Bylaws at this link.


Just as the Crystal City BID gives a voice to neighborhood businesses, the Crystal City Civic Association gives a voice to our residents. CCCA officers represent community members at county meetings, act as liaisons to state and local lawmakers, coordinate with the Crystal City BID on important issues and projects, and ensures the needs of residents are met. 

With all the change sweeping through our neighborhood, it is vital that residents have a forum to react to new developments and to convey their collective ideas and desires for their community. Just a few of the topics the CCCA addresses are:

  • Long Bridge Park Facility Center Development
  • “The Connection” Pop-Up Library
  • Transit, traffic and parking: new demands due to increases in density and population
  • Open space: more ‘breathing room’ and a variety of green spaces among the high-rises
  • Retail and services: important for residents to have easy access to meet their daily needs
  • ‘A complete community’: facilities such as schools, community centers and medical clinic
  • Infrastructure and environment: focus on sustainability, safety, pollution etc.
  • Livability22202 Framework, Action Plan, Working Groups, and Issues

As a non-profit, not-for-profit organization, we rely on member dues and volunteers to continue running. Your small contribution of $10 helps with website maintenance; covers dues in the Arlington County Civic Federation (required); and helps us print and distribute materials for meetings and events.

All Executive Committee members are volunteers who spend many hours working on behalf of Crystal City residents.

Ready to join?

If you’re interested in volunteering, click here to contact us at the CCCA.