What’s Coming Next

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There are many changes coming to Crystal City and the surrounding neighborhoods. From Amazon’s development, to BID’s Future Cities plan, you can find all the important information right here.

Livability Framework

The residents of 22202 from Crystal City, Arlington Ridge, and Aurora Highlands have committed to tackling the challenges facing our area with holistic strategies based on shared livability themes to create a better, more livable city. Our shared area encompasses diverse populations and neighborhoods, yet we have many common needs. Designing a livable city requires a comprehensive approach to shaping the built environment to enhance the physical and social health and well-being of all inhabitants and to strengthen community.

You can read the full framework here.

Future Cities Project

The Crystal City Business Improvement District published a strategic plan in May 2019 that will determine objectives for the BID as an organization and a new collective vision for the area as a cohesive and reinvigorated downtown community. The plan serves as a basis for continued engagement with the community and area stakeholders. To learn more about the plan, please click here.

Metropolitan Park Redevelopment

Metropolitan Park, or Metro Park, is multi-phase redevelopment project transforming 16 acres into mixed-use developments. The first five phases have been completed. Phase 6 is currently in process. Phases 7 and 8 are still in development.

Once completed, Metro Park will include over 3,200 residential units and over 35,000 square feet of retail space. The development has been designed to align with the County’s commitment to encourage smart growth and sustainable, walkable development within the metro corridors. 

For in-depth information about the project, visit:

Public Projects

In many ways, Crystal City is a neighborhood in transformation. Visit the Arlington County website to see a full list of public projects in the area.