Crystal Houses Project Still Has Problems

Although the County Board unanimously approved the developer’s proposal to expand the property, the three 22202 civic associations tried unsuccessfully for modifications because we felt the proposal was weak and had deficiencies.

We are not happy with the flawed process nor the outcome:

  • Parking: Board approval of additional parking spaces violates its own zoning restrictions.that NO surface parking is permitted in that district.
  • The urban orchard with fruit trees was not wanted by the community. We requested a park. Who will maintain the trees and pick up the fruit?
  • No access is provided through the two block long building along South Eads Street. Simple design changes could have allowed for Crystal House residents to penetrate through that large building.
  • Affordable Housing sounds great. But turning over space to the County to build 47 units instead of incorporating them into the proposed two new towers not only delays housing (when will the County have the money?) and segregate affordable housing, excluding future residents from the amenities in the Other Crystal House buildings.

County Board Approves Crystal Houses Development

During its meeting this past Saturday, the Board approved plans for the 17-acre Crystal Houses site that will add 819 new residential units to the property across four new apartment buildings and three rows of townhouses. The two existing Crystal Houses apartment buildings will remain as-is.

The plans include two new public parks, 627 new below-grade parking spaces, and a small amount of…

American Legion Redevelopment to Get $1 Million Affordable Housing Grant from Amazon

A third of Amazon’s $3 million June donation for affordable housing in and around Arlington will go to the redevelopment of the American Legion post in Virginia Square.

“The funds will dramatically drive down the rental rates” for ten units at the 160-unit development, located at 3445 Washington Blvd, according to the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH).

“We are so honored that the Foundation and Amazon chose APAH for the initial gift. This contribution will go a long way in making this special project even more impactful,” said APAH President and CEO Nina Janopaul…

Amazon to Fund Revamped Park from High Line Designer

The company and its architecture firm presented the latest plans for its permanent headquarters in Pentagon City to the Arlington Transportation Commission last night, ahead of an expected vote by the County Board on Dec. 14.

Amazon has offered to contribute a record $20 million to Arlington’s Affordable Housing Investment Fund, in exchange for being able to build the first half of its HQ2 bigger than otherwise would be permitted by zoning. The plans include two 22-story towers with a total of 2.15 million square feet of office and retail space…

Amazon pledges $20 million for Arlington affordable housing in exchange for more density

Amazon is offering $20 million to the Arlington County Affordable Housing Investment Fund in exchange for being allowed to build a bigger headquarters complex in the county than zoning allows.

The money is a fraction of what tech companies such as MicrosoftGoogle and Apple have pledged to address affordable housing concerns on the West Coast, where their presence — and that of Amazon — has sent home prices…

County Looking to Remove Road Connected to Amazon’s Pentagon City Development

Arlington is considering removing a planned section of road in the Metropolitan Park site in Pentagon City, the future home of Amazon’s permanent HQ2.

The Arlington County Board will vote during its meeting this Saturday, November 16 on the first step to nixing a stretch of 14th Road S. that was supposed to one day extend eastward on the lot that now slated for the first phase of Amazon’s headquarters plan.

Officials say the road is…

HQ2 One Year In: Still-lean Arlington campus has long way to go to rival Seattle

There wasn’t much of a rush the morning after Veterans Day at Cafe Manna, a lunch and breakfast spot that sits at the base of the JBG Smith Properties’ 2345 Crystal Drive office complex. But owner Jay Kim, who’s leased this space for about the last dozen years, didn’t blame the holiday for the empty tables or short line at the counter.

Crystal City generally has fewer office tenants in the complex, Kim said, and, thus, fewer potential customers. He said he’s experienced a 30% decline in overall revenue this year compared with 2016.

That’s all supposed to change with…