Pedestrian Walkway to Terminal B to Close Nightly

Beginning on or about Tuesday, January 14, the pedestrian walkway between airport Terminal B and the Metro station will close nightly from Midnight to 9:00 a.m. on weekdays. Passengers walking between Terminal garages, the Metro station and Terminal B/C will follow detour signage to the walkway in Terminal C from Midnight to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Closing the walkway will provide a secure space for construction crews to lift steel beams over the walkway for the frame of a New Security Checkpoint building. The nightly Terminal B walkway closures will span approximately two weeks.

For ground transportation, the outer lanes of the Terminal B/C Arrivals (lower) level roadway used for private vehicle and ride app (Lyft/Uber/Via) pickup will continue to close Midnight to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. The nightly ground transportation changes, as previously announced, will continue for several months.

All passengers arriving at Gates 10-45 and being picked up by a private vehicle or Lyft/Uber/Via must be picked up on the Ticketing/Check-In level (Level 3). The taxi pickup location will remain unchanged, outside Baggage Claim (Level 1).

County Board Approves Regulations for Shared Mobility Devices (SMDs)

The Arlington County Board adopted regulations for e-scooters and other shared micro-mobility devices that will allow their use on sidewalks (with limitations), trails, and bike lanes, unless specifically signed or marked otherwise.  In operation and user requirements, the devices will be treated largely like bicycles.

Devices will be required to have speedometers. Motorized scooters and skateboards will have a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and e-bicycles will have a top speed of 20 miles per hour on streets and trails. When operating on public sidewalks, the top speed of all the devices is restricted to six miles per hour. The devices will not be allowed to operate on sidewalks where a protected bicycle lane is available and may be prohibited from other sidewalks at the Manager’s discretion.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the regulations and permitting process. To read the staff report and specific requirements of the regulation, visit the County website

The Board also approved a permit system to regulate the private companies renting the devices in the County. The Board’s actions came after staff collected extensive data on how, where and by whom the devices are being used in Arlington and analyzed hundreds of comments from residents through a pilot program the County launched in October 2018.

For more details, visit the Country Board website.

County Looks to Make Scooter Program Permanent

Arlington may soon be making electric scooters a more or less permanent fixture of the county’s streets and sidewalks.

The County Board will vote on an ordinance change during its meeting this Saturday, November 16 to allow e-scooter companies to operate in Arlington — provided companies fulfill the requirements of a new permitting system starting next year.

The code change would make the pilot program for “micro-mobility devices” a permanent part of Arlington’s transit system after officials…

NTSB wants mandatory bike helmet laws. Bike advocates don’t.

The National Transportation Safety Board this week said laws mandating helmet use, among other safety actions, would reduce traffic fatalities involving cyclists but the recommendation is getting pushback from bike advocates.

Increased use of helmets would reduce the number of serious head injuries from collisions, which are the leading cause of death among cyclists, the NTSB said, urging all 50 states, the District and Puerto Rico, to require everyone wear a helmet while riding.

But cycling advocates said…

Noise prompts Va. lawmaker to press FAA on runway changes at Reagan National Airport

Proposed changes to the routes planes take landing at or leaving Reagan National Airport will mean increased noise over neighborhoods — and that’s prompted a Northern Virginia lawmaker to seek an explanation from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Congressman Don Beyer, of Virginia’s 8th District, which includes cities surrounding Reagan Airport, has sent a letter to FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson saying the plan to change flight paths to accommodate U.S. Secret Service needs is being done without input from communities that will be affected by increased noise.

In his letter, Beyer recounted that the FAA was notified by the Secret Service in August 2018 about planes flying into…