Report Scooter and Micro-Mobility Device Violations

On Nov. 16, 2019, the County Board adopted regulations for Micro-Mobility Devices that allow their use on sidewalks (with limitations), trails, and bike lanes, unless specifically signed or marked otherwise. 

Starting in late February 2020, new signage prohibiting sidewalk-riding will be installed next to protected bicycle lanes. When a protected bike lane is available in the same direction of travel, shared e-scooter and e-bike riders must use it instead of the sidewalk. (Find out more about these policies here)

If you wish to report an issue about a Shared Micro-Mobility Device in Arlington, contact information for each operator is listed below. Operators can usually resolve an issue quickly, but if an issue is not resolved in a timely or satisfactory manner, email [email protected].


  1. Bird (e-scooters): 866-205-2442 or [email protected]
  2. JUMP (e-scooters): 844-505-9155 / (e-bikes): 833-300-6106; online request form
  3. Lime (e-scooters): 888-546-3345 or online request form
  4. Lyft (e-scooters): 628-230-0317 or [email protected]
  5. Razor (e-scooters): 833-5278-6453, [email protected]
  6. Skip (e-scooters): 844-929-2687 and [email protected]
  7. Spin (e-scooters): 888-262-5189 or [email protected]