March Newsletter is Out!

There’s a lot going on in our neighborhood. 

Here are some highlights:

1.  Livability Framework Workshops:

Open Space February 22:  We had about 70 participants for a very productive workshop at the Crystal City Marriott on four topics:  1)  Re-envisioning Virginia Highlands Park as the backyard for the Pentagon City community; 2) Developing a holistic approach to planning Crystal City Parks; 3) Connecting residents to the natural world and enhancing biodiversity throughout 22202 green spaces; and 4) Planning a publicly accessible greenway from Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary along the railroad tracks to the southern end of Crystal City.  With a combination of walking tours and table top discussions, as well as some personal experiences with nature, parks, and open space planning, we covered a lot of ground. A summary will be available in a few weeks.

Housing Affordability #2 March 7:  The invitation is out by email and on our website and Facebook page for the second round to on Saturday March 7th, at Calvary Methodist Church on S. 23rd St. to determine the 22202 agenda for housing.  This is the second of two workshops led by and for community members wishing to better understand and influence the issue of housing affordability. Given both Amazon’s arrival and pre-existing trends, as well as ongoing county and state policy initiatives, housing is changing fast and our voices need to be part of the discussion.  The first workshop (summary here) focused on working through issues of housing barriers and neighborhood values.  If interested, you can also see Michelle Winters presentation on housing needs here.  Participants in this second workshop, who need not have attended the first, will learn about the tools available to address housing issues and coalesce around which ones we wish to advocate for. We will hear from experts, such as representatives from JBG, Arlington County and the Alliance for Housing Solutions, and then work together to find common ground.  Registration will begin at 1:45 pm and the workshop will start promptly at 2 pm and run to 5:30pm. It will be held at Calvary Methodist Church, 2315 S Grant St.  Please RSVP to attend.

CC Underground/Community Facilities March 28:  Invitations will be sent out soon.
Route 1/East-West Corridor April 18:  In planning stage.

2.  Capital Improvement Plan (CIP):  The County has just launched its next two-year Capital Improvement Plan survey. As part of this year’s budget season, you’re invited to share your input on capital priorities for Arlington County Government. Where should the County make investments? Which types of projects top your list? (Note: This is not/not the operating budget.)  Obviously, if you attended our Livability Framework Open Space workshop on Saturday February 22, you saw lots of ideas for how we can make our parks and open space more natural and user friendly. For Crystal City, our top priorities are for the 18th Street and Center parks, along with funding for a redesign of 15th Street. Aurora Highlands is interested in a master plan for Virginia Highlands Park. The survey doesn’t ask for that kind of information specifically at this point, but it does ask what your general priorities are for funding capital projects and Open Space figures in it a great deal. Be sure to respond.  
There is also a public forum scheduled for March 19, but you have to RSVP by March 13 since space is limited.

3.  Census:  Mark Your Calendar for 2020 Census Dates.  It’s important to be counted.

March 12-20: Initial invitations to respond online and by phone will be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Areas that are less likely to respond online will receive a paper questionnaire along with the invitation to respond online or over the phone.

March 16-24: Reminder letters will be delivered.

March 26-April 3: Reminder postcards will be delivered to households that have not responded.

April 8-16: Reminder letters and paper questionnaires will be delivered to remaining households that have not responded.

April 20-27: Final reminder postcards will be delivered to households that have not yet responded before census takers follow up in person.

May 13-July 31: If a household does not respond to any of the invitations, a census taker will follow up in person.

4.  Democratic Primary March 3: And of course, don’t forget to vote.  You’ll see lots of CCCA faces at the polls.

Your President
Carol Fuller