January Newsletter Is Out!

Welcome to the new world of the 20s!  Hey, didn’t we do that 100 years ago?  We have lots of plans for this year and we hope it will be a great one for all of us.

Remember that CCCA dues are paid annually on a calendar basis.  If you haven’t renewed yet for 2020, please do so by February 1 in order to remain a voting member and get this Newsletter and email updates.  You can renew on our website.

CCCA Meeting on Livability January 14:  Mark your calendars for our big joint meeting of the three 22202 civic associations (Arlington Ridge, Aurora Highlands, Crystal City) on January 14 from 7-9 pm. Note the change of venue:  we’ll meet at The Westin Hotel, 1800 Richmond Highway.  This next joint meeting is a big one you really don’t want to miss.  We’re launching the Livability Framework and Action Plan we’ve been telling you about for the last 6 months and exploring how we can use it to work with the County and various partners.  The agenda is:

1.  Matt Mattauszek on “Beyond Amazon” with a PowerPoint on all the development areas in 22202.  This sets the stage so folks know where things will be happening in the next year.  

2.  Presentation of the Livability Framework and the Action Plan.  Mike Dowell of Aurora Highlands will present and Eric Cassel of Crystal City will Introduce.  The talk will be tailored to our residents in the 3 associations with more details on the Action Plan and implementation.

3.  Panel on Open Space as an example of how we can implement the LF Action Plan:  JBG Smith VP for Development Andy VanHorn on the Crystal City parks; Amazon’s new Community Affairs representative Brooke Overwetter to talk about community benefits in redesigning the Metropolitan Park; and BID President Tracy Gabriel on how the Livability Framework fits with the BID’s Strategic Plan; how they did the mapping of Open Space; and what the BID’s role is with implementing the LF for Open Space.  Brian Harner, our facilitator for development of the Livability Framework and Action Plan, will moderate.  There will be a Q&A period for feedback and guidance to our development partners.  The Open Space planning committee decided to focus at this meeting primarily on the Crystal City parks, plus Amazon and the Metropolitan Park, to keep this manageable time wise.  The charette which is being planned for February 22 will cover our larger OpenSpace issues.

December Newsletter Is Out!

Well, this is a particularly “newsy” Newsletter.  There are a number of articles here that needed to be reported in more detail.  But hey, we’re close to the holidays–more time to read, no?  Seriously, your Executive Board is working hard on a number of issues and we want to keep you informed.  This Newsletter is the best way to do it.  So read on, folks!

Here’s wishing you happy holidays and safe travels.

Your President,
Carol Fuller

November Newsletter is Out!

A few things you’ll find highlighted in this month’s CCCA Newsletter:

1.  Be sure to come to our Annual General Meeting on November 13 from 7-9 pm.  With all that’s going on in Crystal City, with Amazon coming, with the BID changes, you’ll want to come here from the key players. 

  • Andy Van Horn, Vice President for Development of JBG Smith will return with his team of project managers to show a PowerPoint presentation of current and upcoming plans and construction.  It will be very informative and give you a chance to ask questions. 
  • Tracy Gabriel, President and Executive Director of the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) will give a brief explanation and update on the BID’s expansion to Pentagon City and Potomac Yard/Arlington.
  • And of course, we’ll have brief elections for new CCCA Officers right at the beginning of the meeting.  Officers work hard for you, and we appreciate support.

2.  Speaking of Elections.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 5, from 6 am to 7 pm.  Offices on the ballot in Arlington will be Senate of Virginia (30th, 31st, and 32nd Districts), Virginia House of Delegates (45th, 47th, 48th, and 49th Districts), Commonwealth’s Attorney, Sheriff, Commissioner of Revenue, Treasurer, two County Board seats, and School Board.  You will only have 1 Senate and 1 House District that is determined by where you live. There are no bond questions or constitutional amendments on the 2019 ballot.  Tr to see a sample ballot, check here.

3.  Finally the Newsletter this month.  You’ll notice that there are no internal links this time.  Your faithful editor is finishing an extended stay in Italy and doesn’t have the hours necessary to create them.  If folks really want them in the Newsletter in the future, please let us know at [email protected]

September Newsletter is Out!

A few things you’ll find highlighted in this month’s CCCA Newsletter:

1.  CCCA Meeting September 12:  Don’t forget to come have a conversation with Arlington County Board Chair Christian Dorsey and Vice Chair (and Crystal City liaison) Libby Garvey.  We’ve asked them to give their vision for Crystal City’s future and also react to the Livability Framework that the three sister civic associations in 22202 have been working on, including some “asks” on community benefits  Check out the Livability Framework and come with your questions for this very informal meeting.  We’ll meet as usual in 1805 Crystal Drive, the Crystal Park Condominium community room.  

2.  County Survey on Crystal Houses Park:  The County is asking all of Arlington County for input on development of a community park on the border of Crystal City and Aurora Highlands by September 6. The proposed park is to be located on the Southwest corner of S. Fern and 20th Streets.  It is disappointing that the County has issued  this survey to the far regions of Arlington County when it is really a community park for our area.  We need to be sure that they hear from our area, since we will be most affected. There are questions to raise. Does a community garden really fit the nature of our multifamily area? What about children?  What will happen on S. Eads Street on the East?

3.  CCCA Elections in November:  We have not yet scheduled the date for our Annual Meeting in November though the topic is likely to be an update on development with a focus on livability and community “asks” for benefits. We will also have our annual elections for three offices (terms are two years):  President, Membership Liaison, Secretary.  The Election Committee will be reaching out shortly for volunteers to run for office, so stay tuned.  

4.  October and November Newsletters:  Your Editor is going to be out of the country for an extended period of time.  Depending on Wifi availability, the Newsletters may be sparse, late, or non-existent.  Here’s hoping.

August Newsletter is Out!

A few things you’ll find highlighted in this month’s CCCA Newsletter:

1.  National Night Out:  Don’t forget to join us August 6 from 6-9 pm for a great Crystal City community event. For all the information, check out our event page.

2.  Next CCCA Meeting September 12:  Mark your calendars now for our Annual Meeting with Arlington County Board Chair Christian Dorsey and Vice Chair Libby Garvey.  We will have a conversation on “Livability in Crystal City” based on the new Livability Framework recently developed by the three civic associations in 22202.

3.  Development Plans and Planning Timelines:  Check the information on what’s happening about Met Park and what site plans and construction might be coming up in the near future.